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Vol. 01, #03 - September 27, 2017 - Issue #0003

FitITproNews: Stretch your calves!

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Editor's Corner

This week's issue of FitITproNews examines an ugly bruise on my left foot. How exciting, you may be saying. Well remember this newsletter is meant to be "real fitness for real IT pros" and something really did happen to my foot a few years ago while running and I don't want it to happen to you! We also have an exercise tip and a nutrition tip plus some links to useful and fun stuff for you to browse, so let's get started--ready, set, GO!

Running can be a fun way of getting fit and losing weight. But it can also be frustrating to other people when you run out of things to talk about:

Disclaimer: I am not a certified fitness professional or nutritionist so take any suggestions made here "as is" with a grain of salt and a heaping supply of your own judgment. Please read our full disclaimer at the bottom of this newsletter. 

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Ask Our Readers: Need help or advice concerning fitness, weightloss, exercising or nutrition? Why not tap into the huge collective expertise of our IT pro readership from all around the world! Send your questions to us today by emailing us at [email protected]

From the Mailbag

Ronald from Melbourne, Australia sent us the following comment concerning the headshot photos of myself in last week's newsletter titled "Fun and death with exercise bands":

Hey, you look really fierce in those photos! Are you like that usually? :-)

Grrr, I don't like your comment, grrrr…lol

Actually my mouth isn't frowning in those photos, it's just relaxed. And my eyes aren't menacing either, they're just spaced out and detached from whatever my brain is doing at the moment.

Another reader named Marne commented on our Fun Stuff section saying:

People dropping weights on themselves is fun stuff? I'm not clicking to watch someone else's pain.

You're quite right of course and thank you for sending us your feedback. We'll try to avoid linking to videos like this in the future and will seek out videos that are just plain innocent fun if possible. See the Fun Stuff section below in this week's newsletter for our initial efforts in this regard. And if any readers know of any "fun" videos that might be suitable for this newsletter please send the URLs to us at [email protected] thanks!

Stretch your calves!

Several years ago I got into running as a way of building my endurance and burning off excess weight. My initial attempts being a "fat IT pro" were almost embarrassing: after running about 100 meters I was so out of breath I thought I would keel over and die. But after several months I found I could run a kilometer nonstop, and I eventually worked up to running 5k which was not bad!

But then I decided to push things further. I started doing sprints since I learned that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) was a terrific way of burning fat. I even began doing hill springs at a moderate slope in a nearby park. I even started doing suicide drills which basketball players often do for exercise as you can see here:

Everything was going great! I was building endurance, strength, and agility. Then one day suddenly I heard a loud and disturbing sound:


I had been doing a suicide drill with a medicine ball I was throwing across a field when this popping sound came from one of my feet. I felt a sharp pain in the bottom of my left foot and limped home whining "Rats! Rats!! Oh, rats!!!"

I had broken my plantar fascia ligament in my foot. As Wikipedia teaches us, the plantar fascia is the flat band of ligament tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. It supports the arch of your foot, and if you strain it, it can become painfully inflamed. But I had not merely strained this ligament, I had broken it.

Here is what my foot looked like the next day:


For the next several weeks I saw a physiotherapist regularly and she led me through a series of exercises to stretch my plantar fascia so it could heal properly and not leave too much scar tissue. For the next two months I also had to use a cane whenever I walked to prevent putting too much pressure on my swollen foot. And for the next two years I basically stopped running because I was afraid of re-injuring my foot.

Fast forward a couple more years to today. I ran 5k a few weeks ago with no problem, and I can do squats and other exercises that heavily involve the legs without endangering my previously injured foot. But if I do a lot of heavy cardio on my exercise bike for several days in a row and then take a break from doing legwork, after a couple of days I begin getting a weird feeling in my left foot like something is starting to pull there.

Now the last thing I want to have happen to me is another catastrophic injury to the plantar ligament in my foot, so I did a bunch of research online and came up with what for me anyways is a terrific stretching exercise to ensure the flexibility of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in my foot and lower leg. What I do is this: I stand with my toes on the edge of a stair and then slowly lower my heels while keeping my legs as upright as possible. I lower my heels until I can feel a stretch of about 4 to 7 (on a scale of 1 to 10 in my calf muscles, Achilles tendon, and heel. I hold this for about a minute and then I gradually lift myself back up and step off the stairs.

Here's what my stretch looks like when I'm at the bottom:


I perform this stretching exercise before every workout session that involves legwork like running, biking, squats, lunges, deadlifts, and so on. And fingers crossed, it seems to help quite a bit--I've experienced less of that "funny pulling feeling" in my plantar fascia since I began doing this exercise. So you might try this exercise if you experience foot pain when doing leg exercises, but do be careful and don't overdo it by stretching too aggressively as you could end up pulling a calf muscle (as I did recently) or something even worse. Remember the Disclaimer at the bottom of this newsletter. 

What do our readers who like to run or bike or perform squats do to ensure the health of their foot ligaments? I'd be interested in hearing from you--email me at [email protected]

One final note: as you can see from the above photo I have a rather strange choice in shoes for performing leg exercises. Yes that's right, I'm wearing an old pair of dress shoes in the photo. Here's a closeup:


For those of you who have a sartorial bent those are Bostonian Tuscana Oxfords in the photo. Why do I wear them when I'm working out? Because they're comfortable of course! But I do wear actual running shoes when I run outdoors.

Today's workout

This morning's workout for me was only 30 minutes long as I had a lot of work I needed to get done. What I did was to alternate lower body exercises with upper body ones in superset formations. Each exercise was performed either using my bodyweight alone (e.g. bodyweight squats, leg raises, etc.) or light dumbbells (about 30% of 1RM). Time between supersets was limited to around 15-30 seconds, so at the end of the half hour I was sweating profusely!

Got a workout? Have you developed a workout that you enjoy doing and feel has been contributing to your health and which you'd like to share with our readers? Email us at [email protected]

Send us your feedback!

Got feedback about anything in this issue of FitITproNews? Email us at [email protected]

Quick links

Products and services we think you shouldn't be without!

GOT ANY exercise equipment, nutritional supplements, personal training services, fitness websites, or anything else you would like to recommend for our readers? Or for that matter do you have any IT products or services you would like to promote or recommend? After all, our target audience here is mostly IT pros! Email us at [email protected]

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Exercise tip of the week

Exercise your legs every day

Jason Statham (the guy who originally inspired me to start exercising) was interviewed in Men's Health UK magazine as saying the following about exercising legs:

"I always try and do legs in a session. If my legs are feeling good then I'll work them until I don't feel good. It's pretty much gauged on that: hit that area until it starts to feel like it's had some smashing."

I've lately been trying to do the same by either doing squats/lunges/deads every morning or some cardio like running or stationary bike work. Doing this has helped me a lot in maintaining and even losing some weight, and it's made my whole outlook more positive as well. Of course you'll probably need a break from time to time, but in my view the whole idea of "don't get overtrained" is pretty silly given how little of us push the boundaries of what we're capable of doing physical-wise.

So why not give it a try? Even if it's only 10-15 minutes of HIIT cardio like dancing around punching a sack of dirty laundry, getting your legs a bit smashed each day may be the first step in taking your fitness to the next level.

You can read the full interview with Jason here:

Nutritional tip of the week

The two sides of EGCG supplementation

EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is a substance contained in green tea that has been touted as being helpful for weightloss. There are apparently some indications in studies that consuming EGCG can boost your metabolism, increase your endurance, and you help burn fat especially visceral fat in your abdomen. It may even help protect you from certain forms of cancer. Here are a few articles to get you started:

Green Tea Component Increases Aerobic Capacity (Fitness RX for Men)

The Benefits of Epigallocatechin Gallate (

High Dosage of EGCG for Weight Loss (

Green Tea Fat-Burning Phenomenon: The Secret Behind It All! (

Everything You Need To Know About Green Tea Extract (

On the minus side however there are some indications that EGCG (like most things westerners consume) can be too much of a good thing if you take too much of it. For example:

Beware: Green Tea Extract Can Cause Liver Toxicity (Fitness RX for Men)

To Tea, or Not to Tea- the Dangers With EGCg (Advanced Molecular Labs)

The question then arises, should you take it or abstain from it? I use Optimum Nutrition's AMIN.O.ENERGY as my pre-workout wakeup drink:

In addition to caffeine and various amino acids, this supplement also includes Green Tea Extract which means EGCG, and I haven't had any problems from using this almost daily for years. But a few years ago when I learned about the possible benefits of EGCG supplementation I decided to take some additional EGCG in the form of capsules that provided me with an additional 200 mg of EGCG per capsule. Taking one capsule per morning didn't do much for me so I upped it to two capsules, and then I noticed something peculiar: an uncomfortable feeling developed after a few weeks on the right side of my abdomen i.e. where my liver resides. I stopped taking the additional EGCG supplementation immediately, and in a couple of days the strange feeling disappeared. Since then I've continued drinking AMIN.O.ENERGY each morning but I no longer supplement it with EGCG capsules out of concern for possible liver complications.

Anyways, just a warning in case you're thinking of overdoing it with EGCG in your pursuit of the perfect body. I'll talk about other concerns with supplements in a future issue of FitITproNews that will be devoted to exploring this topic. In the meantime if you've experienced any concerns with nutritional supplements and would like to share your knowledge with our readership you can email me at [email protected]

Got tips? Do you have any exercise or nutritional tips you'd like to share with other IT pros who are trying to lose weight and get more fit? Email us at [email protected]

Fun stuff


Humans need exercises, but so do animals! Here are some funny workouts involving animals:

Extreme Pet Workouts

Funny exercising with pets

Animals do exercise so funny

Animal exercise for kids with animals

Product of the Week

New Microsoft® Exchange™ Monitoring Free Tool


SolarWinds® Exchange Monitor is a standalone free tool that monitors and alerts you to the performance, availability, and capacity of your Microsoft Exchange servers. The Exchange Monitor free tool also allows you to monitor Database Availability Group Health, set customizable thresholds for performance alert notifications, and monitor other key Windows and Exchange performance metrics.

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