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Executive brief: how to combat ransomware with recovery solutions


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Editor's Corner

Well I have an interesting story to tell you readers this morning (I'm writing this on the weekend). It's a story about overtraining and I hope that my sharing it may be of benefit to some of you. Either way I'm sure you'll either be shocked or entertained by my stupidity.

A few weeks ago in Issue #31 First run! I shared how I had decided to try and get back into some running after incurring a foot injury several years ago. What I didn't share in that issue was that I had a plan for the spring/summer/fall. My plan involved achieving the goal of losing some of the fat I've put back on over the last few years where I've focused mostly on weightlifting instead of cardio. Obviously if I wanted to be able to handle running I should be as lean as possible (while not losing any of the hard-earned muscle I've acquired since I began my fitness journey. To lose my excess weight as quickly as possible I decided on a twin-point strategy:

  • Eat about a thousand calories less per day than I had been doing. In other words, at least for the first few weeks I thought I would eat about 2200 - 2400 cal/day instead of my usual 3200 - 3400 cal/day which was typical when I focused mostly on weightlifting (building strength and muscle).
  • Doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout routines of various kinds as often as possible. Several studies seem to show that HIIT exercises burn more fat than endurance cardio exercises do, so it seemed to me a no-brainer to follow such a regime.

The problem of course is that I overdid it. I did HIIT every single day in a row for two straight weeks while reducing my caloric intake significantly. But it worked -- I lost 5 lbs of mostly bellyfat in two weeks and felt great! Except for the little burning tickle that I felt once in a while after I finished my HIIT routine.

Then it all came crashing down. On Monday this week I caught a very bad cold (possibly even flu) and was sick as a dog for the next four days. My appetite disappeared, so I ate even less for a couple of days, which resulted in a further amazing weight loss of 5 lbs in one week. But what good is losing weight if you can't get out of bed?

Not only did I become very sick, I also became quite severely dehydrated as well! In the Nutrition Tip of the Week below (really a "health" tip this week) I'll point you to an article that describes seven telltale signs or symptoms that you may be dehydrated. Well just looking at this now I can see that for the last couple of days I've been exhibiting 4 out of seven of these symptoms. And in another article that highlights 10 warning signs you may be dehydrated I have actually exhibited 7 out of 10 of the symptoms listed in the article over the last few days. 

I'm still recovering from my silly venture that involved not eating enough calories to recover properly and doing HIIT every day instead of the more sensible three times per week. I guess I'm just impatient -- I want to shed those extra pounds and run like a young man again. But of course I'm not a young man anymore and can't do the sorts of physical things that I could do almost effortlessly when I was in my 20s. I'm now part of the 50+ age bracket (I won't tell you exactly how far along in that bracket I am) so I need to start learning the limitations of my age when it comes to things like exercising (especially intensely) and recovery (allowing for sufficient time and calories). 

Does this ring a bell with any of you? Have any of our readers had a similar experience with putting the pedal to the metal when you're almost too old to learn to drive? Email me your thoughts, reflections, and stories: [email protected]

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Disclaimer: I am not a certified fitness professional or nutritionist so take any suggestions made here "as is" with a grain of salt and a heaping supply of your own judgment. Please read our full disclaimer at the bottom of this newsletter.  

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Today's workout

Climbing the stairs several times was sufficient exercise for me today. Sitting in a hot bath was also a great workout, as was taking an afternoon nap of almost an hour. 

Got a favorite workout? Have you developed a workout that you enjoy doing and feel has been contributing to your health and which you'd like to share with our readers Email us at [email protected]

Fitness Toolbox

Products and services we think you shouldn't be without!

GOT ANY exercise equipment, nutritional supplements, personal training services, fitness websites, or anything else you would like to recommend for our readers? Or for that matter do you have any IT products or services you would like to promote or recommend? After all, our target audience here is mostly IT pros! Email us at [email protected]

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Exercise tip of the week

Don't do HIIT every day too often!

Most professional fitness trainers suggest doing HIIT training only two or three times per week, alternating them with light non-HIIT exercise days and/or recovery days. And if you're older and not in such good shape cardio-wise then you might need to do HIIT even less frequently. Here are some articles from the experts:

How Often Should You Really Do HIIT Workouts? (GREATIST)

How Often Should You Really Do HIIT Workouts? (Whim)

HIIT Workout Frequency – How Many Times A Week Should You Do It? (LifeJacks)

How Many HIIT Workouts Should You Really Be Doing Each Week? (Women's Health)

VIDEO: What is HIIT? How often should I do HIIT Workouts? (FitnessBlender)

Nutritional tip of the week

Dehydration can sneak up on you 

Here's how to identify this potentially dangerous condition:

7 Signs of Dehydration and 5 Tips to Prevent It (YogiApproved)

10 Warning Signs You're Chronically Dehydrated Without Knowing It (Food Matters)

Has exercising too intensely and/or losing weight too quickly ever made you dehydrated? How did you deal with your condition? Email us at [email protected]

Got tips? Do you have any exercise or nutritional tips you'd like to share with other IT pros who are trying to lose weight and get more fit? Email us at [email protected]

Fun stuff


I used to have hamsters when I was a kid. If anyone knows anything about HIIT it's hamsters -- they're real ANIMALS when it comes to running that wheel!

Hamster running very fast in wheel really amazing

Hamster running super fast

Hamster wheel in slow motion

My hamster can not manage to stop spinning in his wheel

Hamster running full-speed in his wheel

Product of the Week

Executive brief: how to combat ransomware with recovery solutions


Leveraging data protection and security best practices is crucial to protect your company’s Digital Life. Veeam offers businesses and end users the confidence that their Digital Life will be Always-On and uninterrupted. Learn unique solutions for ransomware resilience and efficient data recovery and ensure you have the right plans in place. 

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