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Vol. 02, #16 - April 25, 2018 - Issue #0031

FitITproNews: First run!

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Editor's Corner

Well, not quite. Today was just the first time I ventured outdoors to exercise instead of having an early morning workout in my basement gym. 

Since I haven't run for the last couple of years after I snapped the plantar fascia ligament of my left foot, I decided to start off my running with a 3k run/walk. Actually it was more of a walk/run since I walked for a few minutes, ran for about 30 seconds, and then repeated this eight or nine times. I also made sure to soften and loosen up the scar tissue in my left foot first before going outside to run (see my Exercise Tip of the Week below for how I did this).

It was cold outside this morning, about -2 C with a wind of about 20 km/hr from the East. I dressed with long poly/nylon sweatpants and a longsleeve zip-up poly sweattop. I probably should have worn a light hat but decided to let myself feel the cold so I could burn off extra calories. I definitely should have worn some light gloves however as my hands got pretty cold.

I ran a circuit in a park that has several hills 5-10 meters high so I could challenge my leg muscles in different ways. Unfortunately winter is still hanging around here in Winnipeg, Canada, as there was snow and ice on several portions of the path so I had to be careful.

I wore my old hydration belt (thank goodness it still fits! LOL) with two 6 oz bottles each of which I filled with water with half a teaspoon of Citrulline Malate. I felt good after my run (or mostly walk) and while my legs felt tired and heart was pumping from the exercise (and the cold) my body didn't feel stressed. I credit some of this to doing cardio over the winter by using my exercise bike regularly, but also to the Citrulline Malate which helps my blood flow better and reduces stress on my heart. 

Afterwards I cooked some oatmeal for breakfast, which meant I didn't eat anything for about 45 minutes after finishing my run. As I've mentioned before giving yourself a window of time after exercising before you eat anything allows your growth hormone level to peak which apparently helps release fat from your fat cells so it can be burned as fuel by your body. See my Nutrition Tip of the Week in this issue for my fabulous oatmeal recipe :-)

Share your stories with us!

How are our readers doing with their exercising and nutrition programs? Do any of your run regularly? And if you run seasonally, what do you do to ease yourself into a new season of running? Email your tips to me at [email protected]

Got any stories to tell like we did last week with Citrix guru Carl Webster or a few weeks ago with cloud and systems management expert Rod Trent? Do you have a body transformation story (even if it's only partially complete) that you'd like to share with other IT professionals to encourage them to stick to their exercise programs and get into shape? Email me at [email protected]

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Got feedback about anything in this issue of FitITproNews? Email us at [email protected]

Disclaimer: I am not a certified fitness professional or nutritionist so take any suggestions made here "as is" with a grain of salt and a heaping supply of your own judgment. Please read our full disclaimer at the bottom of this newsletter.  

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Ask Our Readers: Need help or advice concerning fitness, weightloss, exercising or nutrition? Why not tap into the huge collective expertise of our IT pro readership from all around the world! Send your questions to us today by emailing us at [email protected]

Today's workout

As I mentioned above, I alternated 2-3 minutes of fast walking with 30 seconds of running (actually more like sprinting but don't tell Usain Bolt) and did this about eight or nine times. Total workout took about 30 minutes. As I write this it's about four hours later and I feel GREAT.

Got a favorite workout? Have you developed a workout that you enjoy doing and feel has been contributing to your health and which you'd like to share with our readers Email us at [email protected]

Fitness Toolbox

Products and services we think you shouldn't be without!

GOT ANY exercise equipment, nutritional supplements, personal training services, fitness websites, or anything else you would like to recommend for our readers? Or for that matter do you have any IT products or services you would like to promote or recommend? After all, our target audience here is mostly IT pros! Email us at [email protected]

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Before you buy that massage ball read this guide by Deep Recovery on how to choose the right massage ball for your recovery needs:

Exercise tip of the week

Let's play footsie

Is it a virus? Is it something from outer space? What is it??


It's a foot massage ball that I picked up at Winners for five bucks the other day to roll under each foot so I can loosen up my plantar fascia ligaments before I go for a run. Until recently I've been using a tennis ball for this purpose but it's not hard enough to really do the job well, and I don't have any golf balls laying around as I don't play golf anymore. FWIW my dad who was an avid golfer (usually upwards of 200 games a year) tried to get me interested in the sport when I was a youngster, but I found chess to be a much more interesting (and bloody) sport. See the Fitness Toolbox section of this week's newsletter for more examples of massage balls/rollers you might find helpful.

Nutritional tip of the week

My recipe for Scottish oatmeal

As I mentioned in my editorial above, I made myself a bowl of oatmeal after I came in from my run this morning. Here's my fabulous recipe for cooked oatmeal:

  • 1/2 cup of Bob's Red Mill Organic Scottish Oatmeal
  • Half teaspoon of salt
  • Half teaspoon of Indus Organic Ceylon Cinnamon (this is "true cinnamon" not the knock-off stuff commonly sold in most supermarkets)
  • Tablespoon of shredded Wakame Dried Seaweed (to supply iodine for thyroid)
  • 30 grams of raisins
  • 1 1/2 cups water

Mix and bring to a boil, stirring constantly, then turn on low and simmer for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Total calories about 400 kcal

If desired you can also enhance your oatmeal by mixing in some butter or almond butter at serving time.


P.S. I much prefer Scottish oatmeal over steel-cut oats for two reasons. First, they don't foam up and boil over and make a mess on your stove. And second, they digest more easily so you get less gas as a result.

Got tips? Do you have any exercise or nutritional tips you'd like to share with other IT pros who are trying to lose weight and get more fit? Email us at [email protected]

Fun stuff

The foot is a delicate instrument that must carefully be maintained. You can also have fun massaging it!

Having Fun On Foot Massager Machine

Best Foot massage ever but don't too hard!

Street performer walks on broken glass, stands on nails!

Funny cat gets a foot massage with Bob Marley

Product of the Week

Free Tool for Monitoring Exchange Server Status & Performance 


SolarWinds® Exchange Monitor is a free tool that allows users to monitor Microsoft® Exchange™ Server 2013 and 2016. Get basic information about the server’s metrics, services, and database availability group (DAG) status. Add as many Exchange Servers as you wish. Simply click the “Add Server” button and fill IP address/domain name and credentials.

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