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Vol. 02, #15 - April 18, 2018 - Issue #0030

FitITproNews: Checking in with Carl Webster

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Editor's Corner

Back in December in Issue #13 Go Carl go! we shared an email we received from well-known Citrix expert Carl Webster on how he had decided to get back on the fitness wagon and get into shape again. I shared Carl's comments because I thought they might encourage other IT pros to begin an exercise routine to lose weight and improve their health. 

Recently I decided to check back in again with Carl to see how he's progressing. Carl responded with several emails which I'm excerpting from to share with you here:

Details of workout

My apologies for the delay replying. Been busy with script updates and writing reports for customers. 

Getting to the gym after work was a chore and it was too crowded for me. I now wake up at 4AM and at the gym by 4:20AM. There are not that many people there then, but the place starts filling up around 5AM. I do three circuits of the resistance machines in the Planet Fitness 30-minute express workout section. I only do the machines, not the cardio stuff:


With one minute on each machine plus 30 seconds between machines, that means each cycle is 15 minutes and I do three cycles. On the 10 machines in the circuit, I started out four months ago on the lowest weight, 15 pounds, on each.

The machines I use are these:

  • 2 - chest press
  • 4 - leg press
  • 6 - lat pulldown
  • 8 - should press
  • 10 - leg curl
  • 12 - bicep curl
  • 14 - tricep extension
  • 16 - leg extension
  • 18 - seated row
  • 20 - abdominal

This is where I am now (April 5th):

  • Station 2 (arms) - Chair 5 - Weight 50 lbs
  • Station 4 (legs) - Chair 11 - Weight 100 lbs
  • Station 6 (arms) - Chair 8 - Weight 80 lbs
  • Station 8 (arms) - Chair 7 - Weight 35 lbs [this is the hardest one for me]
  • Station 10 (legs) - Chair M - Weight 50 lbs
  • Station 12 (arms) - Chair 4 - Weight 60 lbs
  • Station 14 (arms) - Chair 4 - Weight 75 lbs
  • Station 16 (legs) - Chair 4 - Leg L - Weight 60 lbs
  • Station 18 (arms) - Weight 75 lbs
  • Station 20 (back/gut) - Weight 95 lbs

Progress in weightloss

I am down to 197.8 from a starting weight of 215.6. If mother nature would stop with all the rain and cold weather, I could get out and start doing some more speed walking. My first 5k was to be this Saturday (April 7th) but they delayed the start, so I can't make it. So far, when I can get out to speed walk, I am maintaining a constant 4 mph pace. My goal is to get up to 6 mph, so I can speed walk a half-marathon this fall. Unlike Rod Trent, I hate running and I hate cold weather.

[Editor's Note: Carl is referring to Rod Trent's photo in Issue #28 Body transformation story - Rod Trent]

One week later

[Editor's Note: Carl sent me this update on April 12th concerning his workout. Note how he's added some additional weight to several of his exercises.]

Here are the latest weights and I also wrote down the names of the machines.

  • Station 2, Chest Press, 60 lbs
  • Station 4, Leg Press, 110 lbs
  • Station 6, Lat Pulldown, 90 lbs
  • Station 8, Shoulder Press, 45 lbs
  • Station 10, Leg Curl, 60 lbs
  • Station 12, Bicep Curl, 65 lbs
  • Station 14, Triceps Extension, 80 lbs
  • Station 16, Leg Extension, 65 lbs
  • Station 18, Seated Row, 80 lbs
  • Station 20, Abdominal, 95 lbs
I do the circuit three times. Each circuit takes 15 minutes, so 45 minutes for my workout.

Photos of Carl

Editor's Note: I asked Carl for some before/after photos and here's what he sent. This first one is Carl in 1999 at around 260 lbs: 


This second one is him in 2002 at 180 lbs after losing 80 lbs:


Those two photos clearly show that Carl had significant success losing weight around 16 years ago. Now let's look at some current photos of Carl. This first one was taken back on January 11th of this year:


And here is Carl today as of April 12th:


It's hard to lose weight when you're older, but these two photos clearly show that Carl has made significant progress over the last three months, and as an older person myself I find that very encouraging! So let's all of us wish Carl best of luck on making further progress in losing weight and getting fit again! 

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Today's workout

Five days ago I decided to do a REAL leg workout, that is, a workout using weights and not just bodyweight. And I decided to do it HARD by using heavy dumbbells and following the 4X protocol which I've talked about in previous issues of this newsletter. IIRC my workout went something like this:

  • Squats - 4 sets of 10 reps, 30 sec between sets
  • Walking lunges - 4 sets of 10 reps, 30 sec between sets
  • Romanian deadlifts - 4 sets of 10 reps, 30 sec between sets
  • Step-ups - 4 sets of 10 reps, 30 sec between sets
  • Sumo squats - 4 sets of 10 reps, 30 sec between sets
  • Calf raises - 4 sets of 10 reps, 30 sec between sets
That's 24 sets in total which took me about 4 minutes. My legs were so shaky afterwards that I had difficulty climbing the stairs. The next day my butt was sore as heck, and the soreness lasted three days so I didn't do any exercises until this morning when I was planning on heading outside only to discover in the morning that we'd experienced a snowfall overnight here in Winnipeg--argh!! So I hit the weights again and did a 4X workout for my arms using dumbbells, kettlebells, and bands. 

See my Nutrition Tip of the Week below for how I recovered from my leg day workout.

Got a favorite workout? Have you developed a workout that you enjoy doing and feel has been contributing to your health and which you'd like to share with our readers Email us at [email protected]

Fitness Toolbox

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Rogue is holding the garage gym to a higher standard, so park your car outside:

If you are on a budget but looking for a total body workout, the Bowflex PR1000 is your ideal home gym:

The G7 Home Gym from LifeFitness features dual-adjustable pulleys that offer nearly limitless home exercise variety and customization:

Exercise tip of the week

Vary your squat width

You can hit different portions of your leg muscles by varying the width of your legs when you squat. For example, keeping your legs wide apart will cause greater stress on your adductor muscles (the muscles on the inside portion of your legs and groin that allow you to move your legs towards one another). 

Another variable you can try changing is how you point your feet when doing squats. I find for example that when I point my toes straight ahead I work my quads better, whereas if my toes are angled outwards to some degree then my hamstring muscles are more strongly recruited. 

Here are some articles about different squat variations you can try:

Why You Should Vary Your Back Squat Stance (BreakingMuscle)

Vary foot position for better leg development (Antonio's Training Systems)

Turn Your Feet OUT For a Bigger Squat (Barbell Rehab)

The Best Ways for a Woman to Do Squats for Toning (The Bump)

40 Squat Variations You Need to Try (Greatist)

Nutritional tip of the week

Eat to recover, sleep to grow

Leg day can be a killer if you max out on the weight you can work with. You're leg and butt muscles will likely be sore for days afterwards, a condition called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS:

Personally I've found that the best way for me to recover from a serious case of DOMS is to eat, eat, and eat. The more I eat, the faster I recover and the sooner the pain goes away. That's because food is needed to repair and rebuild leg muscles damaged by a heavy workout.

And that's what I did this week after my leg workout five days ago. I upped my caloric intake each day for four days by adding an extra 1000 to 1500 calories per day. The result after five days is that my legs feel great! They definitely feel stronger and feel ready for anything I'm ready to throw at them.

The downside of course is that I gained four pounds in five days, so now I have to lose some of that extra weight. Fortunately however some of that extra weight (probably less than a pound) is new muscle.

You win some, you lose some.

Got tips? Do you have any exercise or nutritional tips you'd like to share with other IT pros who are trying to lose weight and get more fit? Email us at [email protected]

Fun stuff

Want to get SERIOUS about working out? Ditch that car and turn your garage into a gym like these dudes did:

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Product of the Week

Free Tool for Monitoring Exchange Server Status & Performance 


SolarWinds® Exchange Monitor is a free tool that allows users to monitor Microsoft® Exchange™ Server 2013 and 2016. Get basic information about the server’s metrics, services, and database availability group (DAG) status. Add as many Exchange Servers as you wish. Simply click the “Add Server” button and fill IP address/domain name and credentials.

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