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FitITproNews: Body transformation story - Troy Nott

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Editor's Corner

In this week's newsletter we have another exciting story about how someone working in the IT industry changed his life by losing weight and getting fit. Troy Nott is a Senior Sales Executive at Bell MTS, a telecommunications and Internet services company here in Canada who I've had professional dealings with for many years. Just wait until you read my interview with Troy and see his before and after photos in this issue of FitITproNews! 

They say a mirror never lies. Sometimes I wish I did. Dilbert probably does too:

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Disclaimer: I am not a certified fitness professional or nutritionist so take any suggestions made here "as is" with a grain of salt and a heaping supply of your own judgment. Please read our full disclaimer at the bottom of this newsletter. 

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Interview with Troy Nott

MITCH: I'm talking today with Troy Nott who is Senior Sales Executive Bell MTS. Troy when did you decide to get serious about losing weight and getting fit? How old were you at the time? And what was the initial motivation for doing this?

TROY: It was a series of moments that lead to the decision to do something before I'm forced to deal with my weight because of health issues. I didn't have health issues but I'm sure conditions would have appeared like diabetes if I would have continued down the "eat whatever I want" lethargic lifestyle I was living. 

The final straw was Christmas dinner at my Aunt's in 2010 when bent down to tie up my boots and stood back up and saw stars lol. I was 43. January 2011 I acquired an elliptical and started off working my way up from 5 mins to 10 mins to 15 mins and finally up to an hour per day.

MITCH: What was your weight when you began your fitness journey? Do you have a "before" photo of yourself you can share with us? 

TROY: 270 lbs so unless I was 7' 8' tall I was carrying too much weight. Here's a before photo of me:


MITCH: What is your weight today? And how about sharing an "after" photo of yourself for our readers.

TROY: Today I operate around 185-190 lbs. Here's a photo of how I am today:


MITCH: How often do you weigh yourself? And do you use other ways (e.g. skinfold, how your clothes fit, etc) to keep watch over your weight?

TROY: I might get on the scale once a month but it's mostly the fit of my clothes/belt.

MITCH: How did your colleagues at work react to what you accomplished? Did you inspire any to try and follow in your footsteps?

TROY: They were amazed at the results -- I think what has really astonished them is the fact that I've managed to maintain the weight for 6+ years. I've heard a shocking number that 90% of people that take on weight loss successfully fail to keep it off -- I didn't or don't want to join that stat. 

It was sorta strange -- associates or friends I don't see that often would walk right by me after I went below 200 -- their brains didn't register the different body/face approaching them.
I did inspire a couple of co-workers to start getting their weight under control. They came up to me afterwards to tell me my journey inspired them to get motivated/serious about becoming healthier overall.

MITCH: What kind of exercise equipment do you use for working out? Do you go to a gym or do you have your own gym set up at home?

TROY: Elliptical. I was running for a while and I do enjoy it but concerned about the impact on my joints. The low impact elliptical gets the job done. I used spend an hour a day on it now its 30 minutes a day. Never thought I would enjoy sweating but you become addicted to it. My building has a gym. I used to have an elliptical in my living room but after I burned through the second one I decided to use someone's equipment.
If there is one element I need to incorporate into my routine is an upper body workout -- my cardio is fantastic but upper body strength is not receiving the same kind of attention.

MITCH: Do you usually work out alone or with others? With a personal trainer?

TROY: Alone -- and trust me somedays it's hard -- you have to be hard on yourself. It's so easy to come home and hit the couch. Once I'm working out I'm fine -- in fact even after 5 minutes on the machine you start to feel better -- it's like a reward for being your own drill sergeant -- BUT you have to discount the voice in your head that wants you to sit on the couch and watch the walking dead.
I'm stubborn so I'm lucky -- once I have something in my head I usually can stick with it …good and bad lol.

MITCH: What does a typical workout session for you look like?

TROY: I start with stretching, and hit the machine -- I tend to go hard for 3-4 mins slow down for a couple and hit it again. I've read somewhere that alternating your workout fast slow fast tricks the body into trying harder -- maintaining the same routine day in day out is less effective -- I believe that. For my age I usually get my heart rate between 120-130 and try to maintain it during the workout.

MITCH: How many days per week do you usually exercise? Do you take days off for recovery?

TROY: I try to go everyday -- even on holidays but realistically probably 5 out of 7 due to schedule commitments.

MITCH: They say weightloss is 80% what you eat and only 20% how you exercise. How have your eating habits changed since you started working out?

TROY: Initially I cut out bread, potatoes, fried foods…the bad stuff and for alcohol, I gave up beer and switched to vodka and soda -- there was no way I was giving up alcohol. I started increasing fruit and vegetable into my diet and start snacking -- healthy snacks -- every 3-4 hours to get my body to start burning calories as it received them versus storing them not knowing when the next meal might come along. I would have a bag of chopped carrots or red pepper. And the big thing overall was portion control. It's amazing how full you feel if you just stop eating for 15 minutes before you clean your plate. 

Today I've been lucky enough to introduce these onetime banned foods back into my life in moderation (I didn't want to go through life never having another French fry lol)

MITCH: How many calories do you consume per day on average?

TROY: I didn't want to start calorie counting -- I knew what foods had high calorie contents. It's funny you ask because I got that question a lot "how many calories do you consume?" I wanted this to be a lifestyle change and not a pain in the ass to administer -- counting calories was something I felt I didn't have to do in order to find success. When someone would ask what the secret to my success was -- I would respond -- common sense. Eat healthy -- exercise regularly -- cut down on alcohol -- get lots of sleep -- there is no magic. You follow this and unless you have some underlying medical condition you will see results. And be patient -- I didn't see a real difference for almost a month and it was 1.5/2 pounds per week. Set small achievable goals -- I wanted to be 200 pounds by May 31 to go to the U2 concert ….it was a Sunday…I got up that morning I was 199. When you start to see the weight coming off you get motivated to stick with your program.

MITCH: Do you use any kinds of supplements or other nutritional aids?

TROY: No supplements or nutritional aids -- however approaching 50 I don't think supplements are a bad idea.

MITCH: Has it been hard to balance the pressures of your work with your fitness program and family/social life?

TROY: YES -- you HAVE to make time. It's not 30 minutes -- it's changing, getting to the gym, working out, cooling down and showering -- it's really an hour everyday start to finish.

MITCH: Do you have any personal goal that's driving you to keep on exercising and continue healthy eating?

TROY: What drives me today is fear. Fear of going back to pants that had a waistline that started with a "4". I enjoy the benefits of this lifestyle -- looking good makes me feel good. I enjoy hiking -- something that was foreign to me before 2011. I can run up 10 flights of stairs and not collapse. I feel I've invested in myself for the future. It's nice to be able to purchase clothes in a normal clothing store not just Mr. Big n Tall. I can climb into a hot tub and the water doesn't splash out. Sex is better …ok that might be too much information lol.

MITCH: What's the biggest challenge you've faced trying to stay on track with your fitness and nutrition program?

TROY: Again it's so easy to drift off course -- you need to be vigilant. I had some cosmetic work on my leg in 2014 and couldn't exercise for a week -- I almost stopped eating for fear of gaining weight.

MITCH: Got any warnings for others in IT who might want to follow in your footsteps? I'm thinking especially of guys in their mid-30s, 40s, or older who have let themselves get badly out of shape because of the stress of working in the IT industry and who are thinking it might finally be time they started getting serious about exercising and losing weight before their health deteriorates any further.

TROY: Start with baby steps. Go slow! Set short term goals. If you fall off the wagon -- don't beat yourself up just get back on. Become your biggest booster! You don't need a personal trainer you just need to just believe in yourself. I can motivate myself just fine I don't need someone to push me. And most importantly -- this isn't a diet -- this is not short term -- this is a lifestyle change otherwise you will go from size 42 pants to 32 back to 42 or worse. You might need to make some drastic changes to your diet initially to get your body burning more than you put in but when you hit your target refine your exercise and your diet to maintain -- enjoy food -- enjoy life -- but when you sense you are moving back in the wrong direction nip it in the bud.

MITCH: Can you recommend any resources that might help other "fat IT pros" get started with proper exercising and healthy eating?

TROY: Mine was a complete self-starter plan. There is a lot of help on online but you don't need to spend a nickel on programs or equipment -- it's called walking and stairs -- both are free. One thing I would recommend maybe check in with your physician before kicking off your program. Maybe you need a "buddy" to keep you on track -- if you do need the "buddy" system than find someone in the same boat as you.

MITCH: Troy thanks for giving us so much of your time!

TROY: Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story Mitch I can only hope that even one guy or gal out there that's been frustrated with their lack of energy, their weight or their general health will get mad enough to do something about it -- trust me once you start and you'll wish you did this a long time ago.

Today's workout

Troy's story inspired me to get back into doing more cardio to strip off those pounds I've put on recently from eating too much ice cream (my current weakness). So my workout this morning was as follows:

  • 25 minutes of HIIT cardio on reclining exercise bike
  • 20 minutes of static stretches alternating with isometric exercises for building core strength

Felt wound up afterwards and ready to go from 0 to 90.

Got a workout? Have you developed a workout that you enjoy doing and feel has been contributing to your health and which you'd like to share with our readers? Email us at [email protected]

Send us your feedback!

Got feedback about anything in this issue of FitITproNews? Email us at [email protected]

Fitness Toolbox

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Exercise tip of the week

What kind of workout to do if you didn't get enough sleep

If I haven't slept well I'll choose to do some traditional weightlifting exercises for my morning workout. That's because lack of sleep makes it hard for me to motivate myself into doing anything that will generate a lot of sweat like HIIT cardio or bodyweight leg exercises with short rest intervals. Traditional weightlifting however with its slow exercise rep cadence (e.g. 1 second contraction followed by 3 or 4 second extension) and longer rest intervals between sets (about 2 minutes) and progressively heaver weights doesn't make me sweat but it sure gets my muscles pumped up! 

On the other hand you really need to be careful weightlifting so if you're still sleepy when your lifting weights you might end up injuring yourself. Because of this I take a good dose of a pre-workout drink before hitting the weights--either that or four espressos.

Nutritional tip of the week

Important mineral supplements for exercise freaks

Whenever I do an hour of cardio I usually sweat buckets. Unfortunately your body can lose a lot of certain minerals when you sweat so you'll need to replace them. Salt is obviously one thing you'll need to replenish, and potassium too--I eat a banana or two after working out to restore my potassium levels. But for other minerals like magnesium and zinc the best way to replace them when your body loses them is by supplements. My research suggests that the most easily absorbed forms of these two essential minerals is the citrate compound, so I take a magnesium citrate tablet and a zinc citrate tablet with my post-workout shake or meal.

Just don't take magnesium citrate before going to bed. Although taking magnesium at bedtime is supposed to calm your body and help you sleep better, my own experience is that I end up having diarrhea in the morning if I take magnesium citrate in any quantity at bedtime.

Got tips? Do you have any exercise or nutritional tips you'd like to share with other IT pros who are trying to lose weight and get more fit? Email us at [email protected]

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All You Need to Know About Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Virtualization


This eBook provides the necessary tools to test successfully, and eventually manage, a Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V environment. You’ll find PowerShell scripts, dive deeper into Containers to see the difference between Windows Server Containers and Hyper-V Containers, the way they are deployed, managed and function.

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