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FitITproNews: Body transformation story - Bob Hunt (keto diet)

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Editor's Corner

It's been a while since we've include a body transformation story in our newsletter, and this week we have a new one that I think will encourage and guide many of us to "upgrade" ourselves from being "fat IT pros" to "fit IT pros" :-)

Some of the previous Body Transformation stories we've published here have included:

When you have time take a look at some of the above stories if the particular form of exercise employed interests you.

However working out usually isn't the complete solution for most of us sedentary fat IT pros who are struggling with our weight. Diet and nutrition is equally important to exercising regularly, and a successful weightloss (and weight maintenance!) program usually involves both changing your diet and making time for regular exercise, both of which should be viewed as personal lifestyle changes and not simply temporary "workarounds" :-)

So along those lines this week we're going to hear from Bob Hunt who works as a Systems Administrator for The Jackson Laboratory as he describes how he has used keto-style dieting over the last few months to drop 25 lbs of excess weight. We previously published some feedback from Bob about keto dieting in Issue #47 Reader feedback on the keto diet and Issue #50 The car wash workout, but Bob has now brought us up to date with his progress in losing weight so we wanted to share his success story with you our newsletter readers. Bob has also graciously provided us with a comprehensive list of keto diet resources he has assembled that can provide guidance for newsletter readers who wish to embark on this approach to changing your eating lifestyle. Enjoy!


Mitch Tulloch, Senior Editor

Disclaimer: I am not a certified fitness professional or nutritionist so take any suggestions made here "as is" with a grain of salt and a heaping supply of your own judgment. Please read our full disclaimer at the bottom of this newsletter. 

Bob's transformation story

Since I first emailed you in August and at that time was 216, I've been following a "KETO" style way of eating and am now down to 191 with 160-150 being my target range.

Here is Bob before he started keto dieting:


And here is Bob today:


What I have learned in my own research during the past couple of months is that controlling insulin is the key to weight loss success. Anything you eat will cause a spike in insulin. The catch is that some will cause a greater spike than others. When insulin is present, the body stores fat. I don't believe you can't burn fat and store fat at the same time. So the more you reduce the presence of insulin and high levels of insulin, the better off you are for weight loss.

I've also learned that IF (Intermittent Fasting) reduces the amount of insulin spikes during the day. The practice of eating 6 small meals a day is BS. That only keeps your insulin up all day and works against you for losing weight. I believe there are studies that have shown that when they took two groups and one group only ate 1 or 2 meals a day and the other group ate 3 or more meals a day and both groups consumed the same foods and calories in that daily period, the IF group lost more weight than the group that ate more meals in the day.

So for me, eating my first meal at 11 am and my second at 5 pm with no snacking in between has helped me burn more fat. On weekends my wife and I go for OMAD (One Meal A Day) usually dinner. What a time saver also. No need to stop in the middle of the day to eat lunch when we are busy doing projects around the house.

Hunger? Not really. Dr. Jason Fung talks about this in his 6 part series. (Links to these are below) When you eat non processed foods that actually contain nutrients, your stomach can communicate with the brain and tell it when you are full. He also discusses myths around eating fat causing high cholesterol as well as there has never been a true study proving that high cholesterol causes heart disease. You say I'm crazy, right?

Exercise? None since I started this back in July. I am active and I do believe exercise is a good thing for overall body health but not for losing weight.

Keto dieting resources

Bob says, "People ask me what my wife and I are doing, so I composed the below list of information for them. Dr. Fung is listed in there as well. Enjoy!"

Documentaries - These are a much watch

Find on Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube

"The Magic Pill" -- destroys many myths about fat, cholesterol, etc.

"Fat Head" -- also destroys myths but not as scientific as Magic Pill

YouTube Subscriptions --

Dr. Eric Berg

Fixing a slow metabolism

Medical Explanation Links:

Ken D Berry, MD

Diet Doctor

Dr. Jason Fung

Fasting videos

6 Part lecture on Low carb, fat, insulin. Take the time and watch these, he puts the whole puzzle together. FYI -- my doctor watched these and it is all fact, nothing skewed.

The Aetiology of Obesity Part 1 of 6: A New Hope

The Aetiology of Obesity Part 2 of 6: The New Science of Diabesity

The Aetiology of Obesity Part 3 of 6: Trial by Diet

The Aetiology of Obesity Part 4 of 6: The Fast Solution

The Aetiology of Obesity Part 5 of 6: Diet and Disease

The Aetiology of Obesity Part 6 of 6: Dietary Villains - Fat Phobia

Youtube Cooking Videos - Recipes and Cooking Links:

Headbangers Kitchen

Keto Connect

Highfalutin' Low Carb

TPH Keto Desserts

Inspirational Youtube Videos

Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson

Facebook Groups

Ask to join if it says closed

Easy KETO for Beginners

Intermittent Fasting and KETO

Ketogenic Success - join the one with 221k members

Ketogenic Intermittent Fasting

Tracking Apps

Download the free app

"Lose It"


Mark Sisson

"The Keto Reset Diet"

Dr. Jason Fung

"The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting"


Mark Sisson

Diet Doctor

Lots of everything


You don't need to buy any recipe books.

There are plenty if you Google "KETO recipes" and also tons on Pinterest.

Google searches, try adding a few ingredients to the search besides just Keto Recipe, like Chicken, Bacon or Beef

Crack Slaw - One of my favorites

You can make a real simple version of this with just 2 main ingredients

Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage -- get the "flavor" I think it's called Natural or something like that. The regular and other flavors have corn syrup solids. Not enough to kick you out of Keto, so I sometimes use them, but just be warned.
1 pound bag of chopped cabbage and carrot for coleslaw
Other few things like sesame oil, soy sauce, etc.

3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Keto Cookies

If you have a sweet tooth, which btw will diminish over time, and if you like peanut butter, try these 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies.
Get Teddy's peanut butter at Walmart. Ingredients are only peanuts
One large egg
Pyure sweetner at Walmart in the sugar section

Low Carb Butter Pecan Cookies -- Like Pecan Sandies

9 Keto cookie recipes

101 Best Low Carb & Keto Casserole Recipes

Pinterest Boards

Keto Diet

Keto Recipes







Sweeteners and Other KETO

Monk Fruit -- different kinds powdered like confectionary sugar, regular like granulated sugar and golden like brown sugar


Powdered Erythritol

Xanthan Gum - use as a thickener like corn starch

Psyllium Husk for baking

Almond flour - blanched extra fine ground

Almond flour - unblanched, coarse ground

Coconut flour


The Toolbox


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